About Tricia Rudy

Tricia Rudy felt an affinity for horses as far back as she can remember.  Horses filled her dreams, her stories and the walls of her childhood bedroom.  She learned about horses from the ground up as a pre-teen by working in a barn in exchange for riding privileges.   Her bond with horses took roots in hayfields, cornfields, orchards and country roads in the solitary company of a horse.

As a rebellious teenager, she left her family and the horses and stepped into the harsh reality of the “real world.”  Quite unprepared, but resilient by nature, she remained self supporting through the next 20+ years, earning her PhD in the School of Hard Knocks, but she struggled with what she really wanted to be "when she grew up."

Then, during an especially dark period of her life, while mucking stalls in a barn full of old school horses, she found herself, quite literally:  that young girl who was so at home in the company of horses and in that moment she knew the horses had never left her.

Years later, when she read the Tao of Equus, by Linda Kohanov, she understood the miracle that had transpired in that barn and in that moment a seed was planted. 

In 2009 she purchased Dogwood Farm through an estate sale and has been transforming it into her healing sanctuary.  In 2014 she graduated the FEEL program and returned home to her herd of horses to start the beginning of the rest of her life.  She finally found what she wants to be when she grows up. 

Today Tricia lives her passion working with her growing herd of horses at Dogwood Farm, running Harmony with Horses, a not for profit Equine Experiential Learning Centre.   She offers private sessions, workshops, retreats, and works in conjunction with clinical therapists and other professionals to share the healing power of the herd.