About Us

Harmony with Horses is owned and operated by Tricia Rudy, a Certified FEEL Facilitator, at Dogwood Farm.  Located about an hour northeast of the G.T.A., at the end of a private road, you will find a sanctuary where nature surrounds you with clean air, clean light;  where the only sounds you will hear are the birds, the frogs, and the occasional howling coyote.  It is a place to get unplugged, be still, and remember who you are.

Harmony with Horses is an Experiential Learning Centre that offers Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL), but also provides an environment that nurtures your spirit.  A place to leave behind your cell phones, social media, video and online games, sports and news feeds, and recharge your own batteries surrounded by pastures, forests, ponds, streams and all the healing gifts of nature.  No noise pollution.  No air pollution.  No light pollution.  Facilities can be booked for day-excursions with or without FEEL sessions, for groups of up to 10 people.   Bring your Yoga class, your Meditation group,  your book club, church group or other spiritual or support group and spend the day communing with nature and your friends.