How Can You Help?

Harmony with Horses is a Not-for-Profit corporation.   We realize that the people who might benefit the most  from our services are often those who can least afford it.   We incorporated as a non-profit for the simple reason that we believe no one should be denied the possibility for personal growth and healing simply because their current financial circumstances can't support it.  We welcome any support from charity organizations to deliver this much needed opportunity to those who truly need it and will benefit.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to open a dialogue about how we can assist each other in reaching our goals. 

The reality is that horses are expensive to keep.  We strive to provide our horses with the best possible lifestyle and care so that they can participate in the best possible FEEL experiences for our clients, while minimizing expenses where we can.   Our horses require at least $200 per month per horse for their daily consumable care.  (feed, vet and farrier).  There are currently 10 horses in the Harmony Herd.  Overhead expenses are also ongoing to ensure our environment is safe for the public and protects our herd from the elements of the Canadian climate.   There seem to always be fences that need fixing, pastures need fertilizing and seeding, courtyards and lane-ways need grading and improving, which all require the cost of labor and materials. 

When you donate money to Harmony with Horses every dollar goes to work for us in two significant ways.  It helps to care for the horses, and it subsidizes FEEL activities for those less fortunate.   Not one penny is diverted to director's salaries, personal expenses, or bonuses.  

There are three funds you can support: 

The HAY Fund:  Provides subsidy to our Horses and Youth program, while at the same time, offsetting the costs of HAY, grain and supplements that nourish the Harmony Herd. 

The HELP Fund:  Provides subsidy to our Horses: Experiential Learning Programs, while at the same time, pays for the professionals who HELP keep our horses healthy such as ongoing veterinary care, farrier, chiropractor and Bowen therapy.

The HOPE Fund:  Provides subsidy to our Horses Offer Practical Experience programs, while at the same time, are set aside as HOPE for the future needs of Harmony with Horses as we expand our services and build our business.  Current projects include:   fencing new pasture ($8,000), constructing a covered space to work with the horses in inclement weather ($100,000) and building cabins (yurts) for overnight accommodations ($15,000 each).   

Horse Rescue:   Harmony with Horses finds horses who no longer have a useful purpose in the traditional horse industry, who have been neglected or abused, or simply discarded by their owners (ie: sent to slaughter) to join the Harmony Herd.   We rehabilitate them and our horses heal them. 

We lead by example.  If you have the ability to pay our standard fees for the programs and services we offer, a generous portion of those fees immediately goes off the top and back into that program's fund.  For example:  A $125 private session will divert $25 into the HAY, HELP or HOPE Fund and go towards subsidizing a session for someone less fortunate. 

If any of our programs or our mission and goals touch any place in your heart, we humbly urge you to support us in whatever way you can.   We gratefully accept one-time donations, monthly donations, or in kind considerations.   We can't do it without you.

Help us create a better community by living in Harmony with Horses.

Thank you.