Workshops are a fantastic way to experience the benefits of FEEL.

Spend a full day with the horses and facilitators in a group setting, learning about specific themes that your heart is drawn to explore.   We gently lead you through an introduction of the work, the horses, and take you on a personal journey in a group setting, where you can experience for yourself, the healing power of the Harmony Herd.  Bring a friend.  Bring your family.  Come alone and make new friends.  Groups are limited from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 participants.  

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Discovering Richness in the Moment

“I close my eyes, only for a moment and the moment’s gone.”
– Kansas. Dust in the Wind

What do you suppose the writer of this famous lyric missed in that moment? Join us for a day spent with horses doing FEEL activities; you might discover something you’ve been missing.
Horses are masters at living in the moment and being aware of all the richness that moment holds. Don’t miss out on this day full of rich moments. No horse experience required.

“It is an incredible way to spend a day: one of life-altering experiences that is shockingly simple, gentle yet profound.” – M.M.,Aurora changed today. I grew.” – R.M., Aurora have been around horses the majority of my life… but never experienced it in such a way as I did during the FEEL sessions.- -A. T., Cannington

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Introduction to Equine Experiential Learning

Curious about FEEL?

Sign up for one of our introductory workshops where you will be able to see for yourself, what happens in a FEEL session. Watch as current FEEL clients demonstrate FEEL activities. See the potential of equine experiential learning with Horses Helping Humans. Cost to audit $40
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the stories we tell ourselves. don’t believe everything you think.

We all have that voice inside our head; a commentary on the choices we make, and the beliefs we hold dear.
The first step towards our own truth, is examining our own belief system, deciding what to accept, and what to reject in the search for authentic BEING. Horses are masters at knowing the true essence of a person. They are here to lead us through the minefield of our own thoughts, patterns and beliefs, and guide us back to our center, our heart, our own truth. Are you ready to step inside your mind, open your heart and let the horses be your guide?

The day will be filled with horse activities (no riding or horse experience needed). The activities are designed to help us sift through the chatter of those voices in our heads, and the stories they are telling us. With the help of the horses, you WILL find ways to quiet those voices, and discover what’s underneath. What are we REALLY thinking when we open our hearts to our truths?

A journey back

reconnecting with your childhood dreams

Sometimes life can lead us away from the things that brought us joy as children. This leaves a longing in out soul that keeps us from being fully present and alive. 

There is a way to bring that joy forward into our lives. 

Join us for a weekend of activities with the horses using 

Follow the horses ad they lead you back to remembering who you really are. 

Equine Experiential Learning Centre

Inspired by the documentary The Social Dilemma

This workshop focuses on how to unplug yourself from the matrix. Gain insights into habits, paradigms, and critical thinking.

‘If you’re not buying a product, you are the product.”

If you think you might be the product, join us for this 1 day workshop and RE-BOOT.

Equine Experiential Learning Centre

School Field Trips

Homeschooling your children? Looking for creative ways to teach? We are now booking fall classes. Groups of 4 to 6 students ages 8 to 12. COVID Social distancing and mask protocols in place. Enjoy a 2 hour field trip with your children every week for 4 weeks. Contact us for agenda and available dates.



I loved being with the horses. Even though I only met them today, and they don't speak English, I felt I knew them for a very long time and were very good friends.
The experience was eye-opening and will stick with me. The work with the horses is indescribable. Plus, your dogs are beautiful.
I would say to people that it can change your life and you can just get real to your self.
It was so much more than I expected.
[The horses] have taught me more than I could ever imagine about myself. They are truly remarkable, gentle and smart.

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